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Brass & Pearl Boho Soul Necklace- Taupe

The natural beauty of freshwater pearls shines through on our Boho Soul Necklaces. Hand-knotted taupe pearls are finished with our signature arrow toggle clasp and feature our Orbit Catcher just waiting to be filled with a mélange of your favorite WP pieces. Available in 18” and 36” lengths; brass clasp and Orbit Catcher.

We begin with an option in a more traditional length, 18’ inches. Crafted using Sterling Silver and your choice of Cream or Taupe pearls, each with a center Charm Catcher drop.

Alternatively, there’s a grand sister version, a 36 inch long stunner, also made with Sterling Silver chain and Cream or Taupe pearls, also featuring a dropped center Charm Catcher.

Brass & Pearls
36″ | 6 mm

*Natural Stones May Vary In Color

The truth is: we create our own worlds. I admire the ones who know this… the poets, the authors of beauty, the profound romantics who know no limits. Boho Soul was made with this spirit in mind: loose, free, unconventional and beautiful, capable of assembling and holding all the symbols of an effortless, connected way of being, and in doing so, expressing a taste and style all her own.